About Us

We are a family owned, Texas-based company with 30 years of experience in driver education.

We have been dedicated to our craft for a long time and know that the skills necessary for safe and defensive driving will take time to develop and are an ongoing, life-long process…Meaning that drivers will never stop learning about reduced-risk driving practices.

It is difficult to predict every scenario a driver will face in their lifetime, but we know that the better versed the driver, the better fit they will be to process information quickly and react accordingly.

Today’s drivers face many more challenges and distractions than those drivers from just a few years ago. And as the highway transportation system changes, so does the size and complexity of each driving environment.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication and commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Our philosophy is simple, to provide Texas-teens and their parent-instructor’s with a state-approved, easy to use parent-taught driver education curriculum.

We encourage parents to be actively involved in their student’s driver education. Parental involvement throughout the driver education learning process, can significantly and positively impact a young person’s attitude towards driving.

Our parent taught driver education course curriculum is specifically designed for Texas-teens, ages 14-17. And includes the instruction modules for both the Classroom & Driving requirements, as well as the Official Permit Test and in-course prompts to make the entire process easy…we’ll guide you every step of the way. 👍

Please feel free to contact us at Support@ParentTaughtDrivingCourse.com or visit our FAQ’s for more information about our course: FAQ’shttps://texasparenttaughtdrivingcourse.com/faqs/